Lehigh Festival

When someone wants to experience what it is like to have an American Heritage, they may decide to visit the Legigh Spring Festival in Greendale Acres. The festival, which is held in March, allows a British citizen to get away from the inclement weather. Sure, the calendar does say spring, but the weather is still very winter-like at this time of year. If he takes a trip across the ocean and far to the south, he can experience a warm sub-tropical climate in Florida. He can also take a side trip to see some of Florida's other attractions. All of these items seem more enjoyable than taking the latest health and safety courses birmingham.

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Don't Ignore Those Safety Course Though

Allowing employees to see the Paul Bunyan lumberjack show or to take a trip to Disney World on their own time can be used as a reward, but there are reasons why employees need these courses. Food workers need to make sure that they understand the basics of preparation. They need to make sure that foods are served at the right temperature. Industrial workers need to know how to use the machines. Supervisors and mangers need to make sure their employees follow the proper procedures. These courses may not be fun, but they are necessary.

What Else Takes Place at the Lehigh Spring Festival?

The Lehigh Spring Festival includes several other competitions. Like many festivals and fairs, vendors come in and hawk their wears. Atendees can also enjoy various foods. If they come during the evening, they can enjoy various local bands. The styles of music range from rock to country and Bluegrass. Some may occasionally go into American folk music. It all depends on what the event organizers managed to book for that particular year.

What About Other Activities?

As the southernmost continental state in the U.S., Florida has a unique climate. It has many forests and trails. The average person will probably decide to avoid the Everglades, but these are in the extreme southern tip of the Peninsula. If the visitor wants to avoid the festival altogether, he can take a road trip and take a bridge across the keys. He may need to rent a car for this, but he can see many interesting things along the way. If he wants to take a shorter trip, Orlando has two theme parks. One is the home of Mickey Mouse, and the other lets visitors experience their favorite movies.

These trips may be used as a reward for the highest performers in these courses. They may also be used as a distraction from having to take the health and safety courses birmingham. The wise employer may use the promise of a trip to the top performer to promote better results. Some people will see these courses as a waste of time, even if they need it. Finding a way to reward people for going to these course may improve attendance. If there is a test at the end, it may improve the overall score.

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